"Compassion for animals is one of the most noble virtues of human nature."

(Charles Darwin)




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Vaccinations are essential for the protection of your dog or cat against severe illnesses caused by bacteria and viruses. Normally, the first vaccination is carried out at about six weeks and the last at about 12 weeks. After that the vaccination has to be renewed once a year.

In Portugal, the yearly vaccination against rabies is compulsory, the first one being given between at 4 and 6 months.


Most puppies and kittens have intestinal parasites which can cause serious gestrointestinal problems. It is therefore necessary to start treatment at 2 weeks. We will be happy to give you advice as to how these products are to be administered.


Surgery and diagnostics

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For all dogs born after July 1st 2008 electronic identification is obligatory. The chip is also crucial in case your animal gets lost or stolen.


In order for your animal to be able to travel throughout Europe, the European passport, together with the identification chip and a rabies vaccination, is required.



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